Our terms:

Sale is 10% of the final sale price
Depending on your artifact depends on how we sell it for you. If it is an extremely rare or extremely valuable artifact we will likely try to find a private buyer as we have numerous contacts within the USA and worldwide. We work with average, every day collectors as well as people of influence. We utilize our own, parent site which receives thousands of hits a day in traffic, we may utilize our eBay account, or we may utilize our own, online marketplace. We will discuss all these options with you upon seeing the artifact you have to sell. We sell all kinds of paranormal items ranging from $20 to $20,000. We deal in naturally occuring paranormal artifacts, spell-bound artifacts, haunted artifacts, and artifacts that were owned or used by someone of power or influence whose essence or power still resides with the item. If you're in need of an evaluation please make note we only evaluate one type of paranormal artifacts.

Examination depends on the artifact (typically free)
This means we examine the artifact you have for sale online first through photographs & if it looks like something we can help you with we'll request you send it to us through insured mail, we examine, give you our opinion, and make any determinations from there.

Evaluation depends on how much information you need regarding the artifact's presence, or lack thereof, of paranormal energy
We evaluate only the presence of paranormal energy as left or gained naturally through the object's life cycle. These artifacts have gained paranormal energy through natural occurence through environment, or were used in some event which left them with paranormal residue. These are the only kind of paranormal artifacts we'll evaluate.

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