In some cases we do offer to buy paranormal artifacts outright.

You can check for newly listed Paranormal Artifacts in our Official Online Shop! Our shop offers, a varied mixture of Paranormal Articts, as well as several thousand other listings related to the Paranormal.

We are avid & long-time collectors who are always on the hunt for the unusual, macabre, intriguing, mysterious, and prestigious of the paranormal.

Examples of this would be: mourning jewelry, mourning wreaths or hair art, bones of various origin, bone carvings, personal grimoires, ancient civilization talismans and tools (Egyptian, Roman, Grecian, Norse, Celtic, Chinese, etc), shruken heads, celebrity & historic items, antique & ancient prison/jail artifacts, antique & ancient war artifacts, death or funeral photography, torture devices, funeral, grave & mortician artifacts, medical instruments, religious & ceremonial tools & artifacts, textiles & linens used in religious or spiritual practices.

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